Staff Directory


Photo of Wayne Funk

Wayne Funk

Phone: 403-361-2202

Associate Principal

Photo of Jill McDonald

Jill McDonald

Associate Principal - Indigenous Arts 6, Foods 7

Phone: 403-361-2202 ext 4898

Administrative Assistant

placeholder image for Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown

Phone: 403-361-2202

placeholder image for Angie Cox

Angie Cox

Phone: 403-361-2202

Teachers - Elementary

Photo of Jodi Carlson

Jodi Carlson

Teachers - Elementary - 2B

Photo of Mona Funk

Mona Funk

Teachers - Elementary - K1

placeholder image for Coralie Grimsdale

Coralie Grimsdale

Teachers - Elementary - 1A

Photo of Dawne-Marie Hunter

Dawne-Marie Hunter

Teachers - Elementary - 3A

Photo of Devon Kirby

Devon Kirby

Teachers - Elementary - 2A

placeholder image for Rylan Lammle

Rylan Lammle

Teachers - Elementary - 3B

Photo of Carlie Laslo

Carlie Laslo

Photo of Monica Major

Monica Major

Teachers - Elementary - 4A

Photo of Shauna Payne

Shauna Payne

Teachers - Elementary - 5A

placeholder image for Rylie Pringle

Rylie Pringle

Teachers - Elementary - 1A

placeholder image for Lindsay Sanden

Lindsay Sanden

Teachers - Elementary - 5B

Photo of Leanne Sauve

Leanne Sauve


Photo of Laura Taplin

Laura Taplin

Teacher Elementary - Grade 1B

Teachers - Junior High

Photo of Zane Anderson

Zane Anderson

Teachers - Junior High - LA 6/7, Entrepreneurship 8/9, Baseball Academy

Photo of Jillian Gron

Jillian Gron

Teachers - Junior High - Science 6/7/8, Art 9

Photo of James Kaye

James Kaye

Teachers - Phys Ed K-9

Photo of Colleen Neale

Colleen Neale

Teachers - Junior High - LA 7, Social Studies 8, Health 8/9, Photo 9

placeholder image for Kate O'Connor

Kate O'Connor

8/9 Math 9 Health

Photo of Kaitlyn O'Donnell

Kaitlyn O'Donnell

Teachers - Junior High - Science 6, Health 6, Math 7, French 8, Soccer Academy

Photo of Joseph Sergent

Joseph Sergent

Teachers - Junior High - Social Studies 7/9, Health 7/9, Entrepreneurship 9, Baseball Academy

Photo of Julie Wallace

Julie Wallace

Teachers - Junior High - LA 8/9, Art 9, Film Studies 8

Photo of Katie Wheatley

Katie Wheatley

Teachers - Junior High - Math 6, Social Studies 6, Health 6, Robotics 7


placeholder image for Vicky Wegener

Vicky Wegener

Librarian - EA/Librarian

Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Angie Cox

Angie Cox

Administrative Assistant, Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Chelsey Hanna

Chelsey Hanna

Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Karla Murphy-Kemp

Karla Murphy-Kemp

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Kristen Wilson

Kristen Wilson

Educational Assistants

Resource Consultant/Counsellors

placeholder image for Lindsay Jensen

Lindsay Jensen


placeholder image for Serena Smygwaty

Serena Smygwaty

Educational Consultants


Photo of Claudia Gonzalez

Claudia Gonzalez

Custodians - Head Caretaker

Photo of Paterno Maiso

Paterno Maiso


Photo of Roland Santos

Roland Santos