CTF Options


Our grade 6-9 students partake in a variety of options.

Leadership: This class creates student leaders and provides lifelong team building and leadership skills with the goal of community and school betterment. The three pillars and motto of the school are the guiding principles of this course: we try to focus on Building Everyday Heroes who have Action in Life, Action in Character, and show Action in our World. Some of the things that leadership students do is buddy with elementary students, put on lunch time games and events for students, volunteer within the school and the community, collect donations and host donation drives at school, and promote George Freeman School as a great place to be!

Film Studies

This class is focused on technology, visual arts, and analyzing film. What could be better than a class about movies? Students will get to analyze and emulate different styles of film, as well as learn how to use technology to create their own films such as WeVideo, green screen, stop motion, and more! This is a hands-on class that blends watching films with creating them! 


The entrepreneurship program at GFS allows students to be creative while innovating in a team environment. Groups of students build start-up companies that involve creating a brand, product, and overall sales pitch.  Once this is complete groups pitch their products to local entrepreneurs in hopes of obtaining capital to develop their product line. If/once this capital is obtained groups create their products which include packaging and carefully designed pricing to sell at a school market.  100% of proceeds are directed at a local charity to encourage social entrepreneurship.

Outdoor Education

The outdoor education/environmental stewardship program at GFS mirrors the fundamental values of George Freeman, an appreciate and call for action for the outdoors!  Students become active learners and get involved in a number of engaging activities.  Ice fishing on Eagle Lake, building fires, wildlife identification, waterfowl conservation,  orienteering, fly fishing on the Bow River and archery are just a few activities with connected learning inside the program.  A trip to the beautiful Red Deer River valley concludes the program where students lodge in traditional tipi's, hike, fish, cook over a fire and gain a greater appreciation for the outdoors!

French as a Second Language

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