Building Everyday Heroes

The Legacy of George Freeman
George Freeman was a Strathmore resident who led a remarkable life. George was a decorated World War II veteran, he worked with the environment, he volunteered and was named Strathmore's Citizen of the Year twice. 
George Freeman was what we would describe as an “everyday hero.”   We hope our students to carry on the legacy of Mr. Freeman by demonstrating the same traits as he did - care and concern for others and their community.

Aware of our Environmental Impacts
With $750,000 in Solar Panels on the roof of the school, it is important to infuse the school with a sense of environmental stewardship. In the future, a water feature will be near the school that will allow for the opportunity to conduct pond studies and other environmental science aspects of learning.

Active Students
Being attached to the Strathmore Motor Products Sports Center, it is natural that we incorporate athletics and active living as a core component of George Freeman School.
Some of our core values are things like grit, determination, sportsmanship and teamwork.
With the walking track and recreation center as an integral piece of the building, it provides a wonderful opportunity to instill the virtues of being active into all of our students.
Our teaching staff includes sport specific coaches to build skill development in soccer, baseball, and fastball.

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