3 Pillars of George Freeman School

In each grade, students are mentored to act in ways that display good character, improve the world around them, and be as healthy as possible. Examples of students displaying each pillar are highlighted in physical pillars in our school's common area.


  • Pillar 1: Action in Character


      • Acceptance
      • Teamwork
      • Consistently give your best effort and strive to improve
      • Kind
      • Resilience/perseverance


  • Pillar 2: Action in Our World 


      • Citizenship
      • Volunteering
      • Impacting Local and Global Community
      • Environmental Stewardship
      • Support for others
      • Respecting rules


  • Pillar 3: Action in Life


    • Embracing (participating in) opportunities
    • Nutrition
    • Mental Health
    • Fitness in Sport
    • Overall Wellness